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APLAM, a student organization of the McGill University Faculty of Law, was established in response to student interest in the law of Asia Pacific countries and their practice in both Canada and abroad. We seek to advance the understanding of legal systems in the Asia Pacific region by serving as a forum for discussing law and policy issues, facilitating exchanges with educational institutions in the region, and proposing new courses and reforms to the existing curriculum. Additionally, APLAM assists students with professional development in Asia Pacific law-related fields by providing educational seminars and networking opportunities with legal practitioners, scholars, diplomats, and politicians, among others. We also encourage cultural dialogue and learning through community involvement and activities that highlight the Asia Pacific region’s richness and diversity. 

Are you interested in working in the Asia Pacific? Or working with the Asia Pacific? Maybe simply curious about this part of the world? If so, you and the Asia Pacific Association of McGill (APLAM) should be friends.  We're a diverse group of students interested in bringing to the faculty more awareness of issues from and opportunities in the Asia Pacific. 

Est-ce que travailler dans, ou avec, l'Asie pacifique vous intéresse? Peut-être aimeriez-vous tout simplement en savoir plus sur ce coin du monde? Si oui, joignez-vous à l'Association du droit de l'Asie Pacifique à McGill (ADAPM). Nous sommes un groupe d'étudiants qui aimerait augmenter le profil de l'Asie Pacifique dans notre Faculté. Nous avons besoin de vous!

Do you have other avenues for APLAM to explore? We'd love to hear them. Send an email to aplam.mcgill@gmail.com, or come chat with any exec member.

Vous avez d'autres idées de projets pour ADAPM? Nous sommes heureux de les entendre. Veuillez envoyer un courriel à aplam.mcgill@gmail.com ou simplement venez jaser avec un membre de notre exécutif.