National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Convention (November 2009)

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NAPABA Convention, November 18-22, 2009

Posted: September 28th, 2009
APLAM would like to bring to your attention the exciting opportunity that is the NAPABA Convention (http://www.napaba.org/napaba/showpage.asp?code=convention), being held this November 18-22 in Boston. The NAPABA (National Asia Pacific American Bar Association) Convention will join practitioners, judges, professionals, and law students to meet and discuss relevant topics in the practice and development of law both inside and outside the Asia-Pacific Region.

Votre participation à cette conférence donne la chance aux étudiants d'avoir une ouverture à des sujets courants dans le développement du droit. Notamment, il y aura un symposium sur le droit international en Asie et des sessions dirigées spécifiquement envers les étudiants en droit. Nous vous invitons à constater l'horaire de la conférence: (http://www.napaba.org/uploads/napaba/09conventionschedule.pdf).

Aussi, c'est une très bonne opportunité de faire du réseautage puisque beaucoup d'avocats et étudiants y seront. Notamment, on retrouve une session de mentoring pour les étudiants.

Finally, you will represent McGill and APLAM at an important professional legal conference.  We need to make a stronger presence in an area where McGill Law has admittedly not been very strong in the past.

For the moment, we are gauging the interest among the students who would like to attend this Convention. The likely dates that APLAM will attend the conference are November 19-21.  We are also looking into source funding to help subsidize those attending.

If you are interested in attending, or would like more details, please email aplam.mcgill@gmail.com or cindyskou@gmail.com as soon as possible (preferably by October 2nd).

Registration cost for the convention is $125 USD for members of NAPABA or $200 USD for non-members. We are currently looking into membership details.

There are additional costs for transportation, food, and accommodations. These will vary depending on the number of people attending from McGill. Therefore if you are interested, it is important to let us know as soon as possible so that we can plan actual details regarding these costs.

NAPABA at 21


November 18-22, 2009

The Westin Copley Place
10 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116


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