Meet the Executives

Carly Klinkhoff

I am thrilled to be the President of APLAM this year. Ever since attending Fudan University for a semester on exchange in my undergrad, I have been fascinated with China and the Asia Pacific region. I have studied Mandarin for three years and have lived in both Shanghai and Beijing. I am currently spending the summer after my first year at McGill law working for a law firm in Shanghai. Asia is an extremely important region of the world. I believe that there are lots of exciting opportunities to study and work in the Asia Pacific region. This year, APLAM is working on making more opportunities available to McGill law students in the form of internships, academic exchanges and bringing the region closer to home by hosting exciting speakers and working closely with local communities from the Asia Pacific region in Montreal.

Fangzhou Bian

Vice President Internal |
It is an honor to be the new VP Internal of APLAM. I was born in Beijing and came to Canada at an early age. I've been back to China many times, the latest trip was part of the newly established McGill-Shantou Summer Law Program. I have always been fascinated by Chinese culture, history and customs. The McGill-Shantou Summer Law Program allowed me to discover the vast potential that the legal market in the Asia-Pacific region holds for law students. As VP Internal, it is my goal this year to increase APLAM's involvement in local community work as well as opening up more doors for exchanges between McGill and the Asia Pacific Region. I wholly look forward to begin this task.

Pascal Mayer

Vice President External |
My name is Pascal Mayer and I look forward to serving as VP External for 2011. Originally from Alberta, I developed an interest in Asian markets while backpacking through China and South East Asia during a half-year hiatus from my studies. I have since pursued any opportunity to further my understanding of the impact that these thriving markets will have on the global economy. As VP External, I intend to increase the prominence of APLAM throughout the many legal communities with which McGill interacts. Additionally, I will be organizing the second annual Asia Pacific Speaker Series, which will continue bringing individuals from throughout the world to discuss fascinating issues effecting global legal markets.

Henry Ngan

Vice President Academic |
My name is Henry and I am happy to be your VP Academic for 2010-2011. Having spent half my childhood in Hong Kong, I have a keen interest in the Pacific Rim, although I am also interested in the Asian community here in Canada. My main objective this year is to assist and pursuade the faculty to foster deeper ties with law faculties in Asia. I will also make contact with Asian professional organizations here in North America, in hopes of giving McGill law students more networking opportunities. Feel free to contact me with ideas, pointers, and contacts. I look forward to serving the McGill Law community this year.

Shiyan Liu

Vice President Finance |
I am born in Kunming, China, and spent my first two years of elementary school there. I moved to Sydney at the age of 4 and then to Montreal at the age of 9. I have visited China twice since I came to Montreal, and it is simply astonishing for me to visualize the tremendous change some cities, including Kunming, have undergone during the past two decades. China is but one of the countries in Asia that have been on a commercial and technological rise. As such, an important mission this year is to focus APLAM's budget on exchange opportunities in Asia for McGill law students who have an interest in the Asia Pacific region.

Nicholas Choinière

First Year Executive |
I am very excited to be a First Year Executive with APLAM. I was born and raised in Gatineau, Quebec, and have recently moved to Montreal to start my legal studies. I hope to be a good advocate and member of the team and believe I can help APLAM gain more visibility, both among my fellow first-year students and with the larger McGill community. I especially look forward to writing regular articles in the Quid Novi student newspaper about people having been involved in or with the Asia Pacific region. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas!

John Andrew Petrakis

I am a first year law student, born and raised in Montreal. Last summer, I went on my first significant overseas trip to Asia (Hong Kong, Beijing, Vietnam, Cambodia). This incredible experience reinforced my already budding interest for the culture, politics, and people of the Asia-Pacific region. As a first year exec, I hope above all to learn about how APLAM functions and help the club address the concerns and interests of McGill law students as they relate to Asia. I am specifically working on projects seeking to establish more academic exchanges with Asian faculties and to bring more Asia-related content into the McGill legal curriculum.

Vicheka Lay

Graduate Executive |
Mr. Vicheka Lay is a law graduate student at McGill Faculty of Law. Before coming to Canada, Vicheka was a commercial law adviser for a law firm in Cambodia. Vicheka used to worked as a legal and business consultant, translation project manager, and project supervisor to an international NGO. Vicheka is listed as one of the influential individuals in Stanford Who's Who Black Book 2010. Vicheka is also serving as an editor to law journals in Cambodia, USA, Africa, contributor to the Invest in Cambodia Magazine (London), and the Oil, Gas and Energy Law Journal. He is a national correspondent of Cambodia for the Seoul-based Journal of East Asia and International Law. Lastly, he is serving as a member of the international advisory board of the International Encyclopedia of Law. He has written widely for a number of high-profile publishers, including the International Bar Association, and Law and Business Limited (London). His pending publications include the monograph on Cambodia's labor law to be published by the International Encyclopedia of Law (Kluwer Law International). Vicheka is a member of the International Law Association - Canadian Branch, Quebec-Asia Law & Business Association, Federation of Asian-Canadian Lawyers, Asian Society of International Law, Swiss Arbitration Association, Legal Writing Institute, the United Nations Study Group, Cambodian American Professional Association, Society of Asian Lawyers, and the Cambodian Society of Comparative Law.

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